Your villeg renovetion for government grant for prches

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Your villg renovetion for government grant for prches 

If you have your name in the voter list of your village, now you can check that soon and in this list you will enter your district and the name of the village and the name of the village, then there will be a complete voter list of your village.

In this voter list, you and your entire family name can be seen, so this list can prove useful to you.

If you want to know that how much budget has been given for the construction of the Gram Panchayat in your village panchayat, how much has been passed and how much work has been done till now, then you can sit at home and know on one click through your mobile . Not only this, if you see any irregularity in the construction work, you can complain directly to the public hearing. Government of India has introduced this facility to make development work transparent in village-village. You can also track your head, district panchayat by adopting these methods. Read full information inside

Your villeg detilsd: Click here download

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